Content marketing is developing and adapting marketing strategies across world wide web. Content marketing uses blogs, podcasts, videos and social media sites as vehicle. If you wish to market your business online, you can’t deny the magical impact of content marketing. In a broader aspect content marketing is creating and sharing content that attracts and converts prospects into customers, and customers into repeated buyers. The type of content you are sharing is related to what you want to sell, so that people know, like and trust you enough to do business with you.

Here are things to do while design your content marketing strategy:

Analysis of type of required content:

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Every business has different goal, different customers and different dimensions. A detailed analysis is required before creating the content for that particular business.

Detailed Inventory:

Detailed Inventory of every piece of information and existing content or any other resources that can be tuned into relevant content for that business.

Content Planning:

Collaborate and schedule processes and plan what type of content required and for who are the target buyers.

Link the brand:

Link the brand with the business goal and customer intent through content. Develop a narrative it could be any tone of voice, style etc. that will speak for your brand, style and loyalty.

Different planning for different channels:

Each channel has specific characteristics, technical aspects, usage patterns etc. Planning must be done according to the specific channel. What goes best in Google may not work for LinkedIn. It could be more understood as using the right content at the right time on the right place.

Different formats of content:

Providing the different formats of content depending on the individual stages. Offer a variety of content types and formats. As because different segments and persons have different needs content must be provided keeping in mind for whom it is created and which platform it will be shared. There could be repetition, variety, choice and multiple formats as long as it is relevant.

Planning campaigns:

Planning Campaigns in the overall marketing strategy whereby various content marketing tactics can be combined.


Training that will be involved in the planning, execution and follow-up.

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