Top 6 Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology trends to look in 2018

Presence of Artificial Intelligence in Business Environment

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most important aspects of the Business environment today. It has highly augmented business productivity and got incorporated in a day to day business services reducing all the human effort. However, in a survey conducted, respondents said that 83% AI is already in production in their organization, while 78% believed AI will enable them to enter into newer domains. The industries positively impacted with AI are IT/Telecom 60%, Consumer services 50%, Manufacturing/Production 30% and business and professional services 47%.Further, this technology has speeded up the working process of a business and hence giving accurate results.
At the same time, this technology holds a huge potential for online business as well. Making use of AI in any online business provides better customer experience, earning great ROI and predictive analysis. According to the analysis done, AI is expected to tremendously boost and could even prove to be revolutionary for an online business.

Let me acquaint you with the top 6 Artificial intelligence trends that will have a huge impact in this year 2018.

1) Voice Recognition
Voice recognition technology has been rapidly progressing over recent years and use of AI in this technology can now pick out a single voice from a troop. However, this system uses machine learning to recognize the voice prints of a number of people. Also, it reconstructs separately what each person has said and leads to an improved smart assistant. For example, Cortana powered by AI developed by Microsoft help you save your time and effort in your daily life be it a personal or professional. Cortana recognizes natural voice without any manual input, and answer questions using information from search engines.

2) Content Curation:
In today’s era if your business aligns AI with content marketing strategy it could help a business achieve better results and productivity. This could prove to be path-breaking where online marketers can easily create right content using the right channel and reaching the right audience. Therefore, Content Marketing team utilize Content Curation AI to reduce their daily workload and help them focus on improving content strategies. Moreover, this technology could help you collect appropriate information and represent it in an efficient way for your business. For Example, Curata one the popular Content Marketing software is used by several businesses for Content Curation of their brands.

3) Facebook Chat Bots:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) will intensely change the way your business is done today. Facebook Chabot’s powered by AI can become your feasible customer service channel where it will be tough to identify whether you are communicating with a human or computer. AI technology has been by leaps and bounds, soon traditional Facebook Chabot’s will get replaced by multi-dimensional sensor abilities. This would enable the users to experience the impression of talking to an actual human. For Instance, Uber service make use of Facebook’s AI chatbot to help people book cabs and receive driver updates without leaving Facebook Messenger.

4) Digital Marketing:
Artificial Intelligence has been making big news and can tremendously boost your digital marketing business.AI algorithms if chosen could challenge your current digital marketing experts in a huge way. Your Digital business powered with AI could lead to perfect online support interaction whereas you can have detailed report of your prospects. Digital Marketers predicts that 86% of digital advertising budget will be driven by AI initiatives in 2019.

5) Image Recognition that can maximize your ROI:
Earlier Image Recognition was limited to recognizing isolated objects in an image. Now if you utilize AI-enabled software you can possibly identify and describe the entire scene in a picture. A Social Media platform is a great wellspring of pictures. AI will search for images and will contrast it with a vast image library to reach inferences. For example, Amazon has been investing in AI for years and several customers are using Amazon Rekognition for face verification and identification.

6) AI in Data Processing:
In the previous era, the separate workforce was employed for data management or solving business problems with data. Now in today’s era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will solve problems with data that you might have never heard before. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can change the bottom line for your business, increasing the data efficiency and gaining a greater competitive advantage. Implementation of AI for Data processing minimizes all your human efforts and delivers flawless data. Hence utilizing Artificial intelligence in business would be a more broad strategy to achieve your business goals. For example, is AI based platform for extracting data on a web page allowing people to convert unorganized data into well-organized form.

In Conclusion

Benefits of AI in businesses are making new waves and it would be interesting to see how businesses would turn out in 2018.Predictive analysis and better sales cycle would be the confirmed outcome of this automatic tool where business and customer both would be victorious.

6 Effective Ways to Increase Organic Traffic

SEO companies in Faridabad

SEO Marketing Services in India

Organic traffic to a website means the content you put on your website today will drive relevant and targeted traffic. However, building search engine traffic is the toughest work you’ll ever put into your website. All things taking into consideration, it’s the best venture of time and struggles you can make. Also, when it comes to getting more organic traffic there are great ways and there are better ways. There are also horrendous ways that ought to be kept away from no matter what.

Are you surveying for the correct ways to increase your organic traffic? So are you planning to plump for SEO Marketing Services in India for your business? Hold your horses and run through the defined ways to increase organic traffic.

6 ways to increase organic search traffic to a website:

Define your Goal in Google Analytics:

Often you are worried about your SEO rankings in SERP’s. In fact being an online advertiser you should see whether your SEO traffic is converting or not. Also, check for the different ways to increase converting traffic? To optimize and track your website for conversions you need to define goals first in Google Analytics. Moreover, goals in Analytics allow you to track particular user interactions on your site like form_submissions, button_clicks, ebook downloads, and more. Now when any visitor carries out any of the specific action that you’ve defined as a goal Analytics records that conversion.

Single Google Analytics property ID for Multiple Sites:

Incase when any website utilizes different property IDs over a similar site to fragment data in profiles it leads to incorrect data. Normally business owners think having separate IDs will allow them to separate traffic and identify how each area of the site performs. But having separate IDs additionally implies that data winds up plainly lost while switching IDs.

Empower Bot filtering:

Bots are automated computer programs used for driving fake traffic to your website. Many people use this software and give hits to your site for increasing your bounce rate and costing you money. In different circumstances, you’ll get crazy and insensible spikes in your data. And so managing these bots could be a major issue. Therefore, once you figure it out you could filter it in big numbers from going ahead. Thus it becomes important to filter these bots as it may impact your total organic traffic stats. Bots could be filtered out through various means like by applying country filters or city filters or IP address filters.

Balance Website traffic lead ratios:

The Website traffic Lead Ratio define you the number of website visitors converting to leads. After analyzing top SEO companies in Faridabad found that businesses whether B2B or B2C should have balanced traffic ratios coming from various sources to your site. On the other hand, various sources for driving traffic include traffic through organic search, Paid Search and through Social Media platforms. Now, if your traffic is constant or increasing, but your traffic-to-lead ratio is low or decreasing, it shows something is missing on-page.

Focus on Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is very influential for businesses whether small or large to reach your targeted audience. Social Media Marketing is a great way that makes your customers interact with brands through Social Media. Now in this digital world if you are not communicating directly with your audience through social platforms you are missing out! Therefore, focusing on great social media marketing can bring remarkable success to your business driving more leads and more sales.

Focus more on content rather than keyword:

Great quality content ranks your site better, which in turn drives more organic search traffic.Right from increasing brand awareness and engaging the targeted audience to generate leads and growing sales, content marketing has a variety of benefits. Hiring SEO consulting agencies in India would further help you improve your position in SERP’s.

In Conclusion

When you focus on the best practices to grow both your organic and referral traffic, you maximize your marketing efforts by receiving High ROI increasing your brand awareness. In our opinion, we would further suggest you that rather than opting for cheap SEO services for your business you must search for affordable SEO experts. This, in turn, will bring you more eyeballs on your website and will generate more valuable traffic.

SEO the only effective way for your business to rank high in Google SERP’s

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affordable SEO experts in India

Kick start your page ranking.

Are you looking for the efficient ways for SEO to build your business image among your competitors?  Want to be on the top in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. No worries, Top SEO companies in India would be the best alternative to ensure your website rank high in search engines. However, effective services offered by these affordable SEO experts in India erect a path for your business to get top position.  These services helps in building brand awareness of your business bring potential visitors and taking it to next level. Further, Search engine optimization analysis gives you the synopsis of your website potential and required areas of improvement. Keyword Research analysis drive heavy traffic from various search engines and their impact on your website earn high ROI.

Statistical analysis helps you track the details of visitors like their Location, number of visits, their stay on your site. As a consequence this information is helpful in reducing bounce rate on your website. In today’s digital period users most likely trust the website that lies at the top of Google pages. Knowing the fact that web optimization  is probably the most efficient and cost effective marketing strategy these days. It only brings targeted audience to your site who are actively looking for your product/service.

Why to Choose Top SEO Companies in Canada for your business?

Presently, a website maintenance and optimization has become the key component for every business whether small or big. And owing to the tough competition in the digital space, getting proper SEO services in Delhi  for your business has become vital step. A best SEO Companies in India offer most effective affordable SEO consulting services covering major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These services focus on relevant keywords, Meta descriptions that appear in the result pages and increases click through rate. Therefore, these Top SEO companies in India are capable enough to track every aspect of their strategy.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, availing these services for your business can deliver strong web presence of your brand. Their tactically designed  plans will help elevate your business growth graph. Your business gets best of organic and paid searches promotions and online branding efforts earning higher ROI for you. Now if you are looking for Affordable SEO experts in Faridabad then contact us at Dizisolutions ( where you will get affordable right solutions for your business.

Boost your business by availing Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services

Opting Content Marketing can immediately boost your brand presence on the Internet by streamlining your operations. As a matter of fact, Content marketing has become crucial to develop and grow business today. However it can be difficult to create high-quality content if you don’t have talented Content writers and  Content Marketers. If you lack the time to create high-quality content, it may be time to ask for help i.e you must avail Content Marketing Services. Best Content Marketing services provider agencies in Faridabad, create the right content which aligns your business with the right audience and generate a higher ROI. Next, If we talk about big businesses they have enough money and resources to play around with various whims. They can hire a complete team of people taking care of their content marketing needs. A small business on the other hand needs to be very careful about where it spends money and what outcome that spending brings.

Small Business may not afford to first assemble a content marketing team and see how it performs, and if it fails to perform, then assemble another team. They must be realistic in spending good enough time on content marketing based on your resources which they can do by outsourcing to content marketing companies who can produce the content and distribute it for them. Small Businesses mostly rely on content marketing companies for their marketing strategies to execute on a global stage and stay organized. These Content Marketing Agencies have grown up the marketing strategies to help brands earn the trust of the targeted audience.

Benefits of hiring Content Marketing agencies

  • Saving Time:

 Hiring a Content Marketing Agency can save time as agency does all the work related to the content marketing for a business. As a result lot of time is saved which can be put to some other productive use.

  • Professionalism and Expertise:

A team of professional writers and experts do all the work then there is no scope of occurrence of errors.

  • Proficient Expression

Hiring an agency results in the creation of content which clearly expresses the ideas of the organization.

  • Take Advantage Of Others’ Expertise:

Hiring Content Marketing Agencies allows you to use the knowledge and abilities of others that you and your team don’t have.

  • Get Better Results For Your Investment.

Outsourcing content writing helps you get more traffic, more engaged readers, and more  leads hence getting better results for your investment.



Agencies offering content marketing services will always aim to make your website more valuable, more credible and more helpful to your customer. The range of skills and depth of knowledge delivered agencies can supplement the skills of the in house department under the guidance of the marketing agency. Also these agencies can help you identify content mix for your business and create quality content to improve your brand’s visibility.

Importance of Search engine marketing Company for your Business


Search Engine Marketing company enables your online business to grow with a faster pace.
With the changing times, brands and businesses are looking for more efficient ways to market their products. With the wide reach of internet most of the companies promote and market their products online. Also marketing of products has gradually shifted from traditional to e-commerce. For this reason each company today has website for their business and marketing of their business is done online. However, the success of marketing these products and services is when high traffic visits their websites. Now this is the work that can be done by Search Engine Marketing Company. A search engine marketing company is responsible of marketing a particular website by increasing its visibility and accessibility in SERPs. These companies regularly update and monitor the website of its clients. With the help of search engine marketing it becomes possible for the business to build a brand for its product.

Search Engine Marketing develops a better business image and helps in generating traffic to a website. For this reason it becomes necessary for businesses to be hooked to Search engine marketing services. These Services help websites in procuring high rankings on search engine result pages. Now when it comes to choosing effective search engine marketing agency, make sure that all your business requirements are fulfilled. A good search engine marketing company always advise the client about their company needs. Every company have different needs and requirements depending on the type of their website for their business. Services offered by SEM companies must be able to boost company’s web page ranking in Google and other Search Engines.

Advantages of Search Engine Marketing for your business.

  • SEM can increase and enhance your brand awareness.
  • SEM can sell products, services or content online.
  • SEM don’t charge to have your website come up in results.
  • SEM is easy and quick to implement.


Using the search engines marketing strategies and advertising work is a good way to promote your business. Every business can utilize these methods but it is most essential for people who have an online business. Moreover, best efforts in SEM can yield tremendous results in terms of increasing web traffic, product sales, and successful online transactions. A search Engine marketing company can promote your business in such a way that others will be encouraged to link to your site. There are numbers of search engine marketing agencies in the market therefore you may get confused while selecting any agency for your business. In fact, a thorough market research can help you in getting out of that confusion and can enable you to choose the most suitable Search engine marketing services for your business.

Make your business more accessible to its customers by website development !!!

Website Development

Website Development

Website Development for any business is the best option to alleviate their sales and survive in this competitive world. However if you have business but you don’t have Website it’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist. The website of a company, directly influence the growth of a business.  Faster is the growth of your business more will be the visitors and customers visiting your website and vice versa. A business having functional website that is appealing and lucrative in sense would be the biggest asset for them today. Website Development has become a prerequisite for every business and marketers to gain sustainability. At the same time if website of a business doesn’t provide users navigation and easy access then all the efforts made become useless.

Website Development is vital for online presence of a business. If users do not get easy-to-use and easy to access website there are great chances of losing them .Furthermore this leads to decrease in their interest level and sales of the business too. So if any business wants to avoid this scenario, then it is high time to go for Website Development Company. And hiring a professional website development company will ensure more traffic and more business.

Advantages of having Website for your business

  • Boost Traffic: A website can help you generate more potential customers and make your business visible worldwide. Moreover if business have a good website, visitors will surely enjoy it and will increase sales at the end.


  • Cost-Effective: Promotion of any business done through their website is always less expensive method in comparison to advertisement done via ATL/BTL.


  • Accessibility: Many times customers have to turn away because of the closing time of the business. Now having an online website for a business can be visited any time of the day or night. Going for Website Development will not only save money but also lot of efforts.


  • Better Relationship: Having a website for any business would be one of the effective ways to build better relationships with customers. At the same time customers can review their products online and can leave feedback as well. It’s best to always revert your customer through message or email.


  • Advertising: A website of a small business or well established business can become more environmental friendly when advertised through internet. Advertisement when done through SEO service provider can boost the ranking of their business as well increase the sales and ROI.


Concluding if you want to enjoy large ROI and more sales, going for Website Development for your Business would be the right choice.

Right Approach for Content Marketing

Professional Content Marketing Companies

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is premier approach for creating and sharing content to attract and retain  audience which will help in increasing web traffic and customers. For effective  content should be realistic, media content. Nowadays Brands are spending more on content marketing knowing the fact that great and quality content is a must for branding. Content forms the base to drive traffic and generate leads and converting them. As per the saying Content is a  king and at any cost good content will always be a king,customers are the one  who rules it . For Making your product familiar to the user or the audience it is important to know them or identify them that can be done through content marketing.. Our team of content marketers provides professional content Marketing and writing services that translate to excellent progress for our clients’ businesses.

Strategies for Content Marketing that should always be kept in mind:-


  • Increase in Sales of a product or Service
  • Revenue Generation
  • Increasing Traffic
  • Getting more likes on Social Media platforms
  • obtain more email addresses
  • an increase in newsletter subscriptions


For Content Marketing Strategy to be successful organizations must have Expert Content Writers/editors/designers. Content created  by the content writers again must be compelling and exciting and it must entice your audience to interact with you  merely .If in case you don’t have content writers around you, one should keep in mind that outsourcing would be an another good option. Infact, the Content Marketing Institute found that, on average, 44 percent of B2B marketers outsource content creation.

The only thing to keep in mind is Whomever you choose for Content Marketing must possess excellent knowledge which can be communicated in the manner that you need. Good content improves your SEO, engages your social media and other users According to HubSpot Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less .At present, Doing digital marketing through engaging content writting is bigger than ever. As a content marketer, your brand needs to have a voice that is clear, distinctive and Sensible. One doing Content writing must Ensure that the content is savvy enough to be shared on different social media platforms.

How Social Media Marketing(SMM) influence Branding of a Product.

Social media Agencies

Social media Agencies

We will begin with defining what social media marketing is?? Social Media Marketing is marketing done using online communities, social  media platforms, blog marketing and through various  well reputed Social media Agencies this has become a new mantra for branding a product today,whether  it’s a  startup or existing  business everyone is  exploring SMM initiatives .Blogging as a part of SMM can have a very positive effect on your Company’s branding & growth.As per the Hubspot report, Customers with blogs gathered 68% more leads than customers without blogs.Social media is the next marketing wave.Top Multinational companies have recognized Social Media Marketing as a potential marketing platform, utilized them with innovations to power their advertising campaign with SMM.

By putting the focus on various Social Media marketing strategies,like Running Campaigns, Content Marketing doing tie ups with top digital marketing agencies a business can achieve greater things. Social media represents low-cost tools which are typically internet or mobile based like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube etc…Social media can be used to provide an identity about the companies and the products or services that they offer.This is not only the platform where only marketing is done ,one can identify customers, listen to their feedback and use them to improve and do further innovation in their products or services. Social Media Platform is always looking for brands or Advertising agencies that can pick it up quickly and deliver innovative solutions.It is imperative to understand that today, social media have exponential potential. They are part of an ever-growing online network of people who discuss, comment, participate, share and create.

Why WordPress is Better for Small Business Website

wordpress for small business website

A website serves as the digital forefront for every business, be it big or small. But a website will not be of no use if it doesn’t load quickly, is not appealing, and not responsive on various digital platforms like smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Being a website development company, small business firms often approach Dizi Solutions with such problems in their previously designed website (of course, not designed by us). They spent a lot in attaining the online success that larger businesses have, but couldn’t reach that milestone. So, what’s the easy and affordable way to this problem? We believe WordPress can be a great solution to this. How? Read on…

By reading this blog you will come to know Why WordPress is Better for a Small Business Website!

Easy on Working

While working on WordPress you’ll realize how easy is this software to work upon. Plus, you will not need a separate website to host your blog, and if not having one, you’ll be able to create and handle it easily.

WordPress Updates Self

WordPress constantly updates self for security and safety reasons. Instant updates will keep you confident about website’s security and ease on maintenance tasks. So, you can have a sound sleep when you’ll have your small business website on WordPress.

WordPress is OpenSource

That means anyone can contribute in improving WordPress through Plugins, themes, and updates. So, the system gets constantly improving and gets better and you don’t even have to pay for it.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

The free SEO plugins and Statistics at WordPress, especially the Yoast SEO Plugin, shows step-by-step where you rank on how you can improve your website ranks by doing some little work.

Not a Newbie

Since it has been more than a decade when WordPress was launched, it has now become a more secure platform to make and promote small business websites. So, with little works of improvement and customization, WordPress is absolutely safe.

Standard Coding

WordPress has kept the CMS coding in the standard form which is understood by any web developer. So there are no complications on redesigning or while fixing bugs.

Puts in Good Company

WordPress is every guy’s CMS portal. Even some of the biggest names in the world such as New York Times, Inc. and Mashable use WordPress for their website projects. That means with WordPress you will engage your small business website in a good company.

In short, WordPress is a great platform for developing a business website – be it small or big. So give a stop to all those hassles that you faced earlier in your website, and switch to WordPress with Dizi Solutions.


Why You Need To Take Your Online Presence Seriously

You have reached this blog because you know there’s something that might be missing out in promoting your business online. Welcome to Blog by Dizi Solutions! Here, we will guide you on why you should take your online presence seriously and how you can do it in the perfect way.


Start-ups and Social Media


Whether you are in the business world or not, you might have heard about start-up stories getting tremendous response from people settled nationwide and abroad. And you must also be aware of the fact that these start-ups get a boon with their online presence and amazing social media marketing campaigns that again are online based platforms of marketing. Won’t you like your business to achieve that same response for your products and services? Then try out best social media marketing campaigns by SMO experts at DiziSolutions.


Survival is Important


With so many competitions arising every passing day, your business will have to go through many grudges, because nothing’s so smooth in the business world. The only important thing is the Survival – in all depressions, failures and downs! So, if you want to survive in today’s digital era, there’s no better way than taking your online presence seriously and make self and business visible on the Internet in the most suitable and advanced way. And to head that in right way you should be guided well by an SEO expert, who will tell you how to promote your online business in the right manner.


What Business Experts Say?


There’s an important saying by famous thinker, management professor and a great American leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith, who is also an author to great management books. He says that “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.” It means that if you want to be successful in life, then you have to change the steps you followed in establishing an aim and re-plan with a different approach to fetch another. It has been observed that the steps for initial growth are different from steps for continuous growth in business.

So, there’s highly need to think about what trends are speaking about. That means if you have not improved your website according to latest trends, your website may face a downfall. So, sit with a good website development company and discuss about the latest trends going on. Once finalized, don’t delay in getting the deal done, because what you’ll leave will be served to others; nothing is wasted.